Buy ELI 20 mg Tadalafil

Tablets ELI 20 mg Tadalafil, an innovative drug aimed at strengthening the erection, and reducing the time of its recovery after sex. The pharmaceutical group of the drug is the erection stimulant Cialis.
The active substance, Tadalafil in a dosage of 20 mg. the Drug is a generic CIALIS from the company Eli Lilly (Germany) only produced by the Indian pharmacological Institute RSM.

Generic ELI (Tadalafil 20 mg) is a new drug formula successfully used to strengthen erections. It has exactly the same composition with the original tablets, but differs from them in the absence of a branded brand.
Often patients are confused: generic Cialis and Tadarayz. Note that all two names of drugs, do not differ from each other, and belong to the same drug.
The composition of the drug Ate 20

Active ingredient ELI Tadalafil, active protein of natural origin, successfully used in medicine for the treatment of reduced sexual activity in men of different ages.
Principle of operation:

By improving the blood circulation of the penis, ELI strengthens the male reproductive system, while maintaining all the necessary conditions for the development of a healthy erection.
Clear results can be observed as early as 15-20 minutes after administration. In this case, the effect of the drug last for more than 36 hours.
Useful properties of the drug:

– Fast digestibility;

– High effectiveness;

– Mild form of action;

– Is not addictive;

– Tadarayz 20 does not affect the biological properties of sperm;
Instructions for use and dosage

Unlike the original tablets, ELI can be taken without restrictions, both once and daily, depending on the state of health.
The maximum daily dosage of ELI is 20 mg.

It is recommended to take no more than 20 mg of the active substance per day. Exceptions are people with large body weight and advanced forms of impotence.

Tablets Eli 20 should be taken orally, on average for 30-60 minutes before entering into sexual contact.

Contraindications to

– Men over 60 years of age;

– Patients with renal and cardiovascular insufficiency

– Patients who have obvious signs of Allergy to drugs; as well as men who have anatomical deformation of the penis, before taking Eli tablets should consult a specialist.
Side effect:

There are cases where long-term use causes an overdose. In this case, the patients observed:

Pain in the temples and dizziness;
Allergic nasal congestion (runny nose);
Redness of the skin;
Sometimes lower back pain
Changing eye light perception and color

Urologists recommend Eating 20

Please note, all of the above symptoms – mild, and are short-term. If during treatment, you notice any of them, urologists recommend to temporarily suspend the reception, and seek advice from the hospital. Urologists recommend Tadalafil for the treatment and prevention of male problems with erectile dysfunction and weak erection. The initial recommended dosage of the drug is 5-10 mg, but in more severe forms of the disease, this dosage can be increased to 20-40 mg of Tadalafil per day.
Interactions with other drugs:

It is strictly forbidden to take ELI 20 simultaneously with any group of drugs containing nitrates. This can reduce blood pressure to a critical level. It is also not recommended to take the drug simultaneously with other drugs for potency and erection.

ELI 20 mg is a medical drug and can only be taken after examination and prescription by the attending physician.

Please follow the contraindications and dosage. Increased dosage and frequent use can harm health.